There's always a reason to Frolic


Since 2010, Waffle Frolic has brought a unique, delicious, and ethically sourced dining option to the Ithaca Commons. Founded by two Ithaca College students, Frolic captures the spirit of Ithaca combined with a bold, urban edge found in larger cities. We offer a wide variety of sweet and savory waffle combinations, a full espresso bar, grilled cheese sandwiches, smoothies, Purity Ice Cream and more.

Dine-in, take-out or get delivery through Ithaca To Go to satisfy your waffle itch no matter the circumstance. Please note that we do not take reservations (it is first come, first serve). Check out our menu page for more details on our offerings. Our menu also includes a plethora of vegan and gluten free options. Whether you're a student, local, or vacationer we've got something for you and can't wait to serve you!


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146 E State St

Ithaca, NY 14850







8am - 3pm

Monday - Friday

7am - 4pm

We are located in the heart of the Ithaca Commons, an iconic pedestrian-only mall in the center of Downtown Ithaca. If you are traveling by car you will not be able to see us from the street. Metered street parking is available on the perimeter of The Commons and throughout downtown. Garages are also available on Green Street, Seneca Street, and Cayuga Street, and remember parking is FREE ON THE WEEKENDS! We are also in close proximity to the TCAT stops on Seneca and Green Streets. 



Do you take reservations?

No we do not. We are strictly first come first serve. Additionally be advised that there are no servers. We follow a fast-casual model where patrons order at the register, and pick up their food and/or drinks at the waffle station when their name is called. 

Whats the difference in the two prices on the menu?

The two different prices refer to the size of the waffle, either 'Single' or 'Twin' (Twin being literally two Singles stuck together). A Twin is roughly the size of a standard size sheet of paper, and a Single being half that. The waffles are approximately 1.5 inches thick. 

Why doesn't maple syrup come with every waffle?

Waffle Frolic offers what we believe to be one of the best maple syrups in the world. It comes directly from the lovely folks at Schoolyard Sugarbush in Moravia, NY, the same people you'll find selling maple products at the Ithaca Farmers Market. It is 100% local and organic. It is also 100% expensive and worth every penny, however not all of our customers want, like, or care for REAL maple syrup and as a result we do not feel it is appropriate to build the cost of it into the price of the waffle. We offer REAL maple syrup for $1 for a 2oz portion, and what we call "table syrup" (Aunt Jemima, Log Cabin, Hungry Jack's style syrup) for free. We also have a sugar-free syrup option available as well. 

Do you donate to local events, fundraisers, sports teams, etc.?

We love to engage with local groups and ask that all donation and sponsorship requests be sent to Please know that while we make every effort to contribute as much a possible, we become quite overwhelmed with all the inquires, especially during the school year, and cannot be involved with every event or group despite wishing we could. In general we do not donate food or money but will donate gift cards to be given away as incentives or prizes. 


If you have any other inquiries please email